Managing Logitech keyboards and mices using Unifying under Linux

Windows to Linux migration

Chapter 2 « Managing mice and keyboards with Logitech Unifying ® ™

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Following the first article on the Windows to Linux migration (in French),  a small hook on the Logitech USB radio devices under Linux.

A specific devices manager for Logitech Keyboards and Mices use an application called Unifying to manage USB radio dongle that communicate with these devices.

Indeed, each Logitech device that uses this feature, comes with its own USB key radio.

It just be very convenient to use a single USB key to control the keyboard and mouse, or even more if you have these Unifying compatible devices.

Unfortunately, the Logitech Unifying application is only available for Windows.

Too bad, as if a Linux user doesn’t use either mouse or wireless keyboard …

But here, that’s counting without the Linux community.

SOLAAR The project took over this problem is made an application to support the pairing and un-pairing devices with the dongle.

The application is available for pre-installable packages for Debian 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 and above (it’s also running on Ubuntu 16.04 and Mint Sarah).

The solaar package uses a standard implementation of the « system tray » to ensure proper integration with gnome and unity.

Most of the Unifying USB receivers are supported, but some Nano receivers are not.

Conventional receivers having a USB ID 046d: c52b or 046d: C532 are supported.
The Nano USB receivers having ID 046d: c52f or 046d: C526 are also supported.

To view your receiver’s USB ID, type « lsusb -d 046d » in a command prompt.


Please note the following prerequisites are needed :Python 2.7.3 or 3.2+
The GUI also requires gtk3.
Debian / Ubuntu package names are or python-gi-gi and python3 gir1.2-gtk-3.0

Solaar has its own filing software package (APP)

Add this repository via these commands in a console (Not for Ubuntu 16.04 or Mint Sarah please run direct installation)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa: daniel.pavel / solaar
sudo apt-get update

And install Solar on your MINT or Ubuntu distribution
sudo apt-get install solaar
Once installation is complete, you may need, such as on Windows to unplug your USB receiver then reconnect to allow its detection.

Then enjoy to manage your Logitech devices.


Graphical Interface Solaar

A number of keyboard and mouse Logitech are supported, and some additional features are supported, here are the lists:

Listes device Unifying Solaar

Device HID++ Battery Other supported features
K230 2.0 yes
K270 1.0 yes
K340 1.0 yes
K350 1.0 yes
K360 2.0 yes FN swap, reprog keys
K400 Touch 2.0 yes
K750 Solar 2.0 yes FN swap, Lux reading, light button
K800 Illuminated 1.0 yes FN swap, reprog keys
MK700 1.0 yes FN swap, reprog keys
Device HID++ Battery DPI Other supported features
V450 Nano 1.0 yes - smooth scrolling
V550 Nano 1.0 yes - smooth scrolling
VX Nano 1.0 yes - smooth scrolling
M175 * yes
M185 * yes
M187 * 2.0 yes
M215 * 1.0 yes
M235 * yes
M305 * 1.0 yes
M310 * 1.0 yes
M315 * yes
M345 2.0 yes -
M350 1.0 yes
M505 1.0 yes smooth scrolling
M510 1.0 yes smooth scrolling
M515 Couch 2.0 yes -
M525 2.0 yes -
M600 Touch 2.0 yes
M705 Marathon 1.0 yes - smooth scrolling
T400 Zone Touch
T620 Touch 2.0 yes
Performance MX 1.0 yes R/W
Anywhere MX 1.0 yes -
Cube 2.0 yes
Device HID++ Battery DPI Other supported features
M570 Trackball
Device HID++ Battery DPI Other supported features
Wireless Touch 2.0 yes
T650 Touchpad 2.0 yes
Device HID++ Battery Other supported features
MK710 1.0 yes FN swap, reprog keys

More instructions on the project site